5 Simple (and cheap) Ideas to Make Your House Inviting

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5 Simple (and cheap) Ideas to Make Your House Inviting



Having a party? Dinner guests? In-laws coming in from out of state? Or maybe you are getting ready for an open house? These simple tips can help make a lasting impression – and not the wrong kind.


  1. Clean – especially the entrance. When people come to your home, they will inevitably be outside the door for at least a short period of time. You don’t want them ringing the bell through spider webs, knocking on a dirty door or walking to the door over dirt and leaves. It’s simple, get a broom and a cloth and do a quick cleaning. Of course, once they are inside, you want to make sure things are tidy as well, but, depending on the occasion, you may not have to do an entire Spring cleaning.


  1. Light bulbs – I had a fluorescent bulb in my closet that was flickering and was dim. It took several seconds for it to flood the room with light. Then I bought a new bulb. WOW! It’s amazing what good light will do for a space. Those places you want to be a bit warmer – try lower wattage or a soft glow bulb. You may want to try three-way bulbs for lamps. It gives a soft glow on low, more ambient light on medium and you can read by the high setting. If you want to get a bit more advanced, put a dimmer on specific switches. I have installed them myself but if you’re not sure, it’s always best to consult a professional.


  1. Fresh flowers – We were at some friends’ house for dinner a couple of weeks ago and there were fresh flowers in vases tucked in various places. It wasn’t overwhelming. The scent wasn’t overpowering. The colors fit the décor and I found myself drawn to them, wanting to touch and smell them. Fresh flowers is not a luxury most of us often have on a daily basis. Buy a couple of bunches or pick some from a field. Don’t spend a lot of time arranging, just put them in vases, jars or bowls around in a few rooms. It will really add something special.


  1. Turn on music – While this is something near and dear to my heart, I think every home can benefit from some sort of music. I like to create playlists for the event but you can even just turn on a smooth jazz station to be in the background if you don’t actually want people getting up to dance. There are plenty of online services that you can use without commercials or the good old CD. If it’s a party, turn it up and have fun. If it’s dinner, have something more subdued while you eat. If it’s an open house or a showing, I have found that soft jazz or some other instrumental music is very nice and can be very soothing – something you want people to feel as they are viewing what you hope to be their next home.


  1. Bake something – I know I said simple. It can be, I promise. On a diet? You don’t even have to eat it! You can get the cut and bake cookies or a small loaf of bread from the supermarket (preferably the take and bake kind). If you aren’t going to consume the item, bake it prior to the guest’s arrival. The aroma will greet them as the door is opened and they will have a smile on their face and a good feeling in their soul even before setting foot into the kitchen.




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