5 Tips to Get it All Done During the Holidays

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5 Tips to Get it All Done During the Holidays



It’s here again. That time of year when you have a million things to do and not enough time to do it. Whether it’s shopping, cooking, cleaning, decorating, wrapping, or kids being home from school, it seems that most of us feel the rush during this busy season. Here are five tips to follow to get it all done during the holidays.

1.Don’t try to do it all. I know. That sounds funny to be the first point of a blog talking about how to get it all done. But, here’s my point: Prioritize and pare down. I have found that if I have 10 things I think I need to get done, probably only 5 or 6 on the list are completely necessary. Do you REALLY have to get the closets cleaned out before guests arrive? If that one dish with that hard-to-find ingredient is not on the table, will it ruin the meal? If you usually have 3 Christmas trees and this year you only have time do decorate one, do you think people will be talking behind your back for years?

2.Enlist help. How many times have you told someone, “let me know if you need anything.” Well, now is the time to take people up on the offers you haven’t cashed in on. Maybe you can help your friend decorate her tree and she will help with yours the next day. You’ll get it done twice as fast and have twice the fun. If you are having a dinner party, ask each guest to bring their favorite holiday dish. You won’t have to cook as much, you’ll save money, and you’ll get to try things you may not have otherwise enjoyed.

3.Go online. I love to shop local. I love to support my community. But, you can save a lot of time either getting ideas online before going to those local shops or you can purchase items online that you wouldn’t be able to find locally or that you just don’t have time to look for. Today, you can buy pretty much anything online. You can even grocery shop while online while you are waiting at the doctor’s office and then pick it up on the way home.

4.Take advantage. If you do decide to get to the malls, use their gift-wrapping services. A lot of stores offer this service free to their customers. I know of a local church that sets up at the mall and volunteers will wrap your gifts for free. Also, some online stores will gift wrap items, typically, for a small fee. Even if it costs a small amount, it will save you time so you can get to the other things on your list!

5.Splurge. Maybe you are having a party and don’t have time to put lights around your house – hire a decorating company. Or, if you don’t want to spend three days cooking – hire a cook or a caterer. Maybe you just don’t have the time to clean the house after you have decorated, shopped, and cooked for three days – hire a house keeper or a company.

To wrap it up (pun intended), don’t be too hard on yourself. This season is about being around people you love. Most of the time, you’ll be the only one who knows something on that list didn’t get checked off so don’t beat yourself up. Do what you can, and try to enjoy yourself during all the festivities. You’ll have the memories you make with your loved ones and won’t even remember about that overflowing closet…until next year.

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