5 tips when moving with a pet

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5 tips when moving with a pet
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Pets are a huge part of American life. I, for one, don’t know what I would do without a dog…or two in my home. So, as I work with pet owners to find a home or sell a home, I definitely take into consideration their particular needs with regard to the pet(s). Is there a fence or can one be added? Is the street busy? Are there sidewalks? Where are the closest dog parks and veterinary offices? Does the neighborhood have a home owner’s association and if so, do they have breed restrictions? If it is a condominium building, do they have pet restrictions? Will the pets be home for showings? There are so many things to consider when purchasing a home and even selling a home when there are pets involved.

Pets have different personalities and, just like people, can react differently to change. Here are 5 tips to help your pet acclimate to their new environment:

1. Explore the space together

If you are like me, the last thing you want to do when there are a million things to get done is just sit and do nothing. I am the person that wants to have everything out of boxes and pictures hung ASAP. When pets are involved, however, it is a good idea to just sit with them in each room and let them explore. They will sniff every inch of that place (it’s also a good idea to be with them to avoid any marking!)

2. Take them on a walk

Lots of pets like walks, not just dogs. One thing I have learned first hand is that if you take the time to walk your pet around your neighborhood, there is a much better chance of them ending up back home on their own should they get out unexpectedly.

3. Make sure their things are the first ones to make it in the house

Moving is stressful for your pets too. If they have familiar things, it will make them more comfortable. Get their bed set up. Give them their favorite toys. Lay down the same food and water bowls they have been using. Perhaps, even a blanket or rug on the floor will make them feel at home more quickly.

 4. Meet the neighbors

Just like people should meet their new neighbors, pets should too. If your pet is friendly, it will be a fun activity for them. If your pet is scared or not social, show your neighbors a picture. Either way, it is good for your neighbors to know how many and what kind of pets you have so that should they escape, the neighbor may be of help in locating them.

5. Give them a hug and a treat

Sometimes we all just need a little love and a cookie. Change is difficult. Your stress level may be higher than normal and that can have an effect on your pet as well. Remember to slow down for a minute to give them some attention and – an extra hug and treat or two might just make this whole moving thing not so bad after all!

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