7 Tips to Make Your Move Easy

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7 Tips to Make Your Move Easy




Moving homes and relocating can be challenging due to all of the tasks that are involved. From packing up all of your personal belongings to transporting them to a new area, there are several steps involved in moving to a new property. Here are 7 tips to make your move easier and more efficient.

  1. Purge Your Home

It’s important to avoid packing the items that you no longer need, as this will spare you lots of time and energy. Throw out items that are old or worn or items that lack sentimental value. Large items can require lots of time and effort in a move, so consider getting rid of an old mattress that is sunken in or doesn’t provide enough back support. If you buy a new quality mattress for your home, you can avoid the additional heavy lifting and have it delivered to your front door.

  1. Color-Code Each Room

Designate a color for each room of the home, which will make it easier for you (and hired movers) to determine where each box should be unpacked after unloading the moving truck. Use colored duct tape to seal each box or label it with a colored marker or sticker to make it easier to keep everything organized.

  1. Pack a Bag with the Essentials

From toilet paper to bottled water, there are a number of items that you’ll need to have on hand when moving into your new home. It’s important to have a bag or box with you that contains important essentials like time sensitive documents, the keys to your new house, towels, and even hand soap to use at your new home before you’re able to unpack all the boxes.

  1. Hire Professional Movers

You don’t need to attempt a move all by yourself! Hire an extra set of hands to help you make the process easier and faster. You can hire professional movers to pack your belongings and transport the items with tools and products that you may not have on hand. This will also reduce the common risk of an injury occurring from attempting to lift the boxes yourself.

  1. Hire a Pet or Baby Sitter

If you have a pet or kids in your care, consider hiring a sitter who can watch over the animal or children as you begin the moving process. This might put you more at ease throughout the process.

  1. Use Wardrobe Boxes

Use wardrobe boxes when it comes to moving all of your clothing items that are hanging in your bedroom closets. Wardrobe boxes make it easy to move clothes by keeping them hanging, which will prevent them from becoming wrinkled or damaged as they’re transported. This will also save you time by not having to fold and pack every shirt or blouse in your possession and by keeping the items upright. If you want to save money on boxes, consider keeping the clothes on the hangers and slipping them into garbage bags.

  1. Use Clothes to Pack Breakable Items

One of the most common problems that come with moving vases or dishes is having them break due to too much pressure that is placed on the boxes. Wrap each dish in an old t-shirt or sock, which will also make it easier to avoid paying for bubble wrap and will require fewer boxes to be used.


To ensure that your move is easy, there are several tips to follow to avoid complications that can arise. By staying organized and using the right tools, you can enjoy the process and be ready for your new home.

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