Lead Agent

With music on my mind, I moved to Nashville from Phoenix, Arizona in 1997.  Los Angeles was much too polluted, New York was much too populated and after a brief visit, Nashville won me over.  I packed the moving truck with my car in tow and headed across country.  I was living the American Dream - working two jobs and singing in studios.  My life has changed a lot since the days of checking the cushions for change but the work ethic and perseverance I learned back then has carried through to today.

I obtained my Tennessee Real Estate license in 2004.  I believe my success is built on relationships.  Client relationships are, obviously, very important and my customer service extends long after closing day.  I expect my clients to consider me a resource for their day to day needs.  I am actively involved in our local Realtor association, the Greater Nashville Association of Realtors.  By building relationships with other Realtors, it is not only easier to negotiate and do business but I also learn of new listings before they enter the market and hear of Buyer's needs that may match a home I am listing.

Another top priority of mine is continuing education.  Real estate laws and regulations are constantly changing.  In order to protect my clients, it is critical that I am knowledgeable about these changes as well as sharpening other skills.  As a Realtor, I adhere to a Code of Ethics which I take very seriously.  I don't base my business model on whether or not it's allowed by law - I do what's right.

The bottom line is I work to take the stress out of the home-buying and/or home-selling process for you.  I take care of the details so you don't have to worry about how it's all going to get done.  I take pride in my career, I care about people, and I believe you will see the evidence of both.



Buyer's Agent

I am so proud to call Nashville home.  Being born and raised in Nashville is such a treasure to me.  I love seeing Nashville on so many “best of” lists.  I feel everyone can see and experience what I have known all my life.

I decided to go into real estate in 2011.  I have been in customer service my entire career.  I felt this was a perfect fit for me.  After my first open house I knew I had made the right choice for me.  Taking clients around Nashville and showing them the great things we have to offer is the best part of my job.

My # 1 priority is my clients.  I fight to get them the best house for the best price.  To maintain the relationship after the sale is biggest compliment my clients give to me. I pride myself on my dedication to my clients.  I will go to every length to find them their perfect home..