Closing Costs

Closing costs are fees and charges associated with the sale of any real property.  If a loan is obtained, closing costs are typically 3% of the sales price.  If it is a cash transaction, you can expect to pay less.

Following is a list of closing costs that may be charged.  Not all sales or transfers require all of these charges be paid, each transaction is different.  For more information, contact myself, a lender, or title company.

Fees associated with the loan (such as: loan origination, loan discount, appraisal, credit report, lender’s inspection, mortgage insurance application, assumption, lender fee, tax service fee, flood check).

Advances to Lender (such as: interest on the property, hazard insurance premium, mortgage insurance premium).

Reserves that the lender holds (such as: hazard insurance, mortgage insurance, city/town taxes, county taxes, assessments).

Title Charges (such as: settlement fee, title search, title examination, title insurance binder, document preparation, notary, attorney, title insurance).

Government fees (such as: recording fees, city/county tax/stamps, state tax/stamps, notice of completion).

Additional fees (such as: prorated HOA dues).