Are You Getting a Flu Shot?

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Are You Getting a Flu Shot?



Do you get a flu shot to prevent you from getting the flu? What if you would have never gotten the flu and didn’t need to take the shot? What if you would’ve been just fine but since you got the flu shot, you ended up getting the flu?

It’s kind of the same thing when my clients asked me if they should get their house pre-inspected before putting it on the market to sell. A lot of people do it. And most of the time it turns out great. Buyers love the fact that they feel the sellers are being proactive and correcting any issues prior to selling it. Sellers like the fact they are not surprised at the 11th hour, during a sale, with potentially costly repairs. However, the other side of that is the inspector finding a huge laundry list of items that, in his opinion, need to be addressed. Another inspector may not see it the same way but there is a little thing called “disclosure”. If you know of things that are wrong with your property, you have to disclose them, especially if you don’t correct them. In the same way that you would likely be better off getting a flu shot if you were in a high risk category, you want to have a professional take a look at anything you are pretty sure needs some attention. If all your neighbors had damage on their roofs because of a storm, you might want to get a roofing inspector to take a look.

Buyers and Sellers can also think inspection items are of different importance. I have had many Buyers tell me they weren’t concerned about something that the Seller thought would need to be fixed immediately.

So, what if a buyer would have said they would buy the house as is? What if their inspector never found some of the items your inspector did? What if your inspector was wrong on some things? See how getting the flu shot could actually cause you to get the flu? A pre-inspection could actually cause issues that you never would have had otherwise. I’m not saying that they are a bad idea at all. There are some very valid reasons for getting a pre-sale home inspection. You just need to be aware of the other side before you make the decision. And, by the way, I’m not getting a flu shot.

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