Getting Help During the Big Move: Family, Friends, or Pros?

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Getting Help During the Big Move: Family, Friends, or Pros?





From time to time, we have guest bloggers write articles that we feel would be beneficial to our readers. This article is perfect for seniors or those that might have aging family members needing to make a move.

It’s time to move, and you know you can’t do it on your own. You have years of accumulated stuff, a looming moving to-do list, and not nearly enough time, energy, or patience to handle it all yourself. So who do you turn to for help? Here, we weigh the most popular options and explain why each one may or may not be the right choice.

Friends: Pros and Cons

A lot of people turn to their friends when it’s time to move, thinking they can can save money and return the favor the next time their friends move. For seniors looking to relocate, this isn’t the most feasible option for a number of reasons.

For one, even if you have young, able-bodied friends, you’re unlikely to be able to offer the same kind of help when they need it. And helping someone move calls for a display of gratitude beyond a fruit basket or gift card. Unless you can offer a favor of equal value in return, using the assistance of friends could breed resentment. Furthermore, if your move causes someone to become injured, resentment could be the least of your worries.

Friends don’t have the same level of concern for your belongings as you do. While you may want things handled with care and packed a certain way, your friends probably just want to finish the task as quickly as possible. This could lead to damages that you can’t recoup without straining relationships. For reasons like these, the cost savings simply aren’t worth the risk.

Family: Pros and Cons

For many seniors preparing for a move, adult children seem like the obvious choice for moving assistance. Not only will they help for free, but they’ll respect the value of belongings and be understanding of how emotionally stressful moving can be for senior parents. If they have enough spare time, they might even help unpack and organize the new home.

However, adult children may also share the same sentimental attachment to items that makes it so challenging for their parents to downsize and pack efficiently. If time is tight, you can’t afford to spend hours reminiscing over family photo albums or debating over which child inherits which heirloom.

In addition, children and other family members could have strong opinions about what’s best for you in your new home, even when you disagree. When you’re in the midst of an already-stressful move, the last things you want to deal with are pushy family members and unwanted advice.

Professionals: Pros and Cons

Hiring moving help differs from asking family and friends in a big way: It costs money. Moving services can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the amount of stuff you’re moving, the distance you’re traveling, and the level of service needed.

However, professional movers also get the job done a lot faster than family or friends can. Not only do they have strength and experience, but professional movers have all the right equipment to get you from Point A to Point B, and while you can rent or buy some tools yourself, it’s much simpler to let a moving company handle it. Otherwise, you could end up wasting valuable time running errands to pick up different hand tools and packing supplies that you’re missing.

Another thing professional movers have that you don’t? Insurance. If you, your friends, or your family members break a valuable electronic — or worse, an irreplaceable family heirloom or piece of art — you’ll be the one picking up the cost of replacement or repair. Moving companies offer insurance options that protect your wallet in the unfortunate event that something gets broken. But since hired movers know what they’re doing and have the tools to do it, you probably won’t face as many mishaps as you would moving yourself. Even if you just need some items moved to a storage unit, some facilities will send professionals over to pick your belongings up for you.

There’s a lot to take care of when you’re moving into a new home, and it’s important to manage your stress and workload to ensure that everything is accomplished by move-in day. Instead of calling on friends or family and hoping for the best, protect yourself, your belongings, and your relationships by hiring moving help to handle the heavy lifting for you.

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