Goal Setting

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Goal Setting

Vision board


There are many ways to approach goal setting. As we wind down yet another year, most of us are already looking ahead to 2016. Some people may set New Year’s resolutions. Others set SMART goals. Some don’t even bother because they weren’t successful in the past. I like vision boards and goals that correspond to those items. I have long term and short term but all lead to a future that I design. I have set goals in many different ways and I have found a few things that tend to help me.


  1. Think BIG. If you can dream it, you can achieve it. Many people will tell you that you need to set realistic goals. I agree…to a point. You don’t want to make your goals SO out there that they should be part of a dream sequence in a movie. If you can’t sing your way out of a tin can, don’t have a goal to be a Grammy winning vocalist. On the other hand, I believe you should have some goals that you feel are just outside of your reach. I have found that, for me, it makes me work harder than I may have if all my goals are easily attainable and I typically attain more than I thought I could.
  2. Think SMALL. I know I just said the opposite, but I mean be specific. If you want to take a vacation, think about where you want to go, when you want to travel and how long you will stay. How many new contacts do you want per month? How many face to face appointments will you have per week? How many phone calls will you make per day?
  3. When looking to the future, I like to reflect on where I’ve been. What worked and what didn’t? How many sales did I have last year? If it was easy, maybe I need to increase my goal for this year. If it was hard, I need to be truthful with myself and ask if I could have made it easier or if I need to stick to that same goal to nail it this year.
  4. Make it fun. For me, if it’s fun, it makes an impression on me and I tend to remember it and have an easier time achieving it. I like to make vision boards with pictures and words. I am motivated by seeing these hanging in my office every day. It’s hard to slack off when a picture of an over the water villa in The Maldives is staring me in the face. I WILL get there and I won’t get there if I waste time – so I get to work!
  5. Write it down. I write my goals as well as make a vision board. My vision board can be more of a dream board but my written goals are detailed with deadlines. If I don’t write my goals and post them where I see them every day, they will not get done. Post them in several places if it helps keep you focused. If I am feeling scattered or unproductive, it kicks me in the rear to look at those goals. If I am highly motivated, I also like to look at my goals so I know what I am working toward in order to be laser focused in my activity.


As we ring in a new year, I hope you can reflect in gratitude at the year that has passed and I wish you much success and happiness for the one to come.


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