It’s Just Paint

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It’s Just Paint

Paint by Danilo Rizzuti


So, you are working with a Realtor to find the perfect house in the perfect neighborhood – great! You’ve seen a few options that could work but the paint is hideous. Bright yellow in the living room, dark green in the dining room, aqua blue in the bedroom. UGH! Guess what? It’s just paint.


house cleaner by radnattDon’t let yourself be one of those people you make fun of on HGTV. You know the ones I am talking about. They tell the agent their wants/needs and the agent shows them a house that fits those needs. Somehow, they find all sorts of things wrong with it. The oven is dirty, the light fixtures are brass, and the paint is awful. You say to yourself, “It’s just paint!” Ovens can be cleaned, light fixtures can be replaced or refinished very inexpensively, and paint, well, you know what I will say. Getting caught up in the little cosmetic things about a house is not smart. You may let the perfect house pass you by if you don’t see the big picture. This doesn’t mean that you should be willing to knock down a wall or remodel a bathroom if that isn’t feasible, however, some small cosmetic work may be all that is needed.


Let’s think about costs. We will use an average 2000 square foot house and a $250,000 sales price as the example. My personal painter, Bo Cochran, owner of Fresh Coat Painting Company, can paint all the walls of this house for $4000. Checking online prices for lighting, $500-$1000 would buy very nice fixtures for the entire house. A professional cleaner would be approximately $200 for a “move-in” clean. So, you could make your house perfect for around $5000 or .02% of the sales price (less if you do it yourself) or you could continue to search for the perfect, spotless house with the right paint colors and non-brass light fixtures.


heart shutters by Serge Bertasius PhotographyIf you set your criteria up front, you should be able to gauge each house you see based on that criteria. If/when you find a home that checks all or most of the boxes, don’t pass up a good thing. Remember, it’s just paint!


Images courtesy of Danilo Rizzuti, radnatt, and Serge Bertasius Photography at

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