Oh Sole Mio – An Italian Vacation

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Oh Sole Mio – An Italian Vacation


Trevi Fountain by Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee


When I started my blog, I didn’t want it all to be about real estate. I mean, I have a life beyond selling houses (though at first glance, you may not believe that). Today I was in my weekly BNI meeting and Dorothy Faggello with Another Day in Paradise, Honeymoons and Vacations was one of our presenters. In 10 minutes she took us to Mexico, St. Lucia, on a river cruise to Europe, Asia, Fiji, and Italy. Talk about daydreaming. I immediately thought of the most amazing trip I have ever taken. It was just last year – Italy.


Probably more than 10 years ago, I bought “Italy for Dummies”. I would dream and romanticize about it. At the end of 2013, I finally put it on my Vision Board. In May of 2014, I made my dream come true. We traveled to Rome, Florence and Venice. We toured the Vatican, saw art pieces that only select groups of tourists are able to see, stood in the same spot as Hitler, on the Ponte Vecchio, overlooking the Arno River, and imagined the barbarians at the Colosseum. We sampled olive oil, wine, and food of all types. We re-learned stories from history books that I only learned well enough the first time to pass a test. It was the most exciting, fulfilling, exhilarating, and delicious trip I have ever taken.


There were so many highlights, you would get bored of reading this if I attempted to pen them all so, I will tell you one that will be hard to forget. We were taking a gondola ride in Venice, complete with a guitarist and a singer. As we made small talk before the gondola left the dock, they asked where we were from. When our French guitarist heard we are from Nashville, I thought he was going to jump out of the boat with excitement. He assumed we were musicians since we live in Music City. Eventually, the word got out that I sing. We were relaxing, enjoying the beautiful scenery of the canals and the guitarist insists that I sing something. I thought I had an easy out. What in the world is a French guitarist, playing Italian songs, going to know how to play that I can sing? Not so fast. The first artist out of his mouth was Sheryl Crow. I was in trouble. The very first song I ever sang in a cover band was, “All I Wanna Do”. I know Sheryl Crow’s music. I love Sheryl Crow’s music. But still, I thought, I don’t know every song she has done, certainly he won’t choose one that I know the lyrics to. Wrong again. He started playing “Strong Enough”. It is, sincerely, my favorite song of hers. Well, how could I refuse this once in a lifetime chance? So there we were on a gorgeous Venice day, being paddled in our gondola under bridges filled with people taking vacation photos and my voice is bouncing off the water and buildings, singing.


Yeah, not a vacation, an experience, or a moment, I will soon forget. That is what life is about. It’s not about houses, it’s about homes. It’s not about being so busy working that life passes us by. It’s about the experiences we make with the people we love. Now to figure out what destination is going on my vision board next…


[Image courtesy of Vichaya Kiatying_Angsulee at FreeDigitalPhotos.net]

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  1. Very cool experience! I’m working toward an Italy trip in the near future so maybe something similar will happen!

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