Do you Really Need a Professional?

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Do you Really Need a Professional?



I had a hair appointment this week. My stylist was telling me a story about a lady that came in with almost black hair, colored from a box, requesting that her mid-back length hair be blonde when she left that day. The stylist told her all the things that could go wrong.  She informed her that she would likely not be blonde all over. She would probably have a lot of orange hair and that it could break off and seriously damage her hair. The lady quickly responded that she wasn’t there for an opinion, she was there to be blonde. (I won’t even look at that soapbox for your sake!) So, after she was presented with a waiver stating that the professional did not recommend what was being asked and that they were not liable for any damages, the professional proceeded to do what she was told to do. I will save the results for the end (devilish, I know.)

With today’s technology and information at our fingertips, some people think they know better than the professional. You can self-diagnose on medical sites (how many of you thought you had some terrible disease at some point, only to find that it was a cold?). There are videos showing how to fix a faucet, install a ceiling fan, how to apply the perfect winged eyeliner, and how to get beachy waves in your super straight hair. It’s only natural for us to think we know best or, at least, have a very good idea of how to do whatever it is we want/need done. In some cases, our resources are great and we can save ourselves some money, even if not time. It begs the question, “Do you really need a professional?” I believe many things are best left to the professionals. I would put surgeries, home buying and selling, and complicated hair dyeing all in this category.

These are just a few of the things that, if done yourself, could be disastrous and no waiver is going to make it better. You may have very bad outcomes, complications, lawsuits, and lose a lot of money. So, if/when you do hire a professional, it is wise to listen to their opinion – value it, even. How many surgeries have you performed versus it practically being routine to the medical professional? How many times have you turned a dark brown head of hair into a perfect platinum in one setting? And how many houses have you bought or sold in your lifetime?

Consider the fact that these professionals have not only gone to school and been trained, they have, likely, done these “procedures” hundreds, if not thousands of times. They have also probably come across complications in many of them and they have figured out how to overcome them or how to prevent them based on the set of circumstances. If an issue arises during a surgery, a medical professional has already thought of a solution and can make the necessary adjustments quickly. If a professional hair stylist suggests anything different than what you ask for, chances are, they have had to fix someone else’s mistakes and they are trying to help you avoid disaster or embarrassment. If a real estate agent tells you that you won’t get the house based on what you want to offer, most are trying to help you get the end result you want without disappointment. You may not even know what pitfalls you could end up encountering until it’s too late.

Let’s be clear, you should always ask questions and feel comfortable with the answers. If you don’t believe someone is being 100% honest, is protecting an ego, or has an ulterior motive, then you should get a second opinion. But, if the person comes highly recommended and has had hundreds of successful “procedures” on their resumé, chances are, you are in good hands and you should listen to their professional opinion.

Don’t be like the lady who didn’t ask for an opinion about her hair color. The result was orange, brown, and blonde hair that was broken off at her ears in a lot of places, making her look like a Halloween decoration. After a big dose of reality and eating some crow, the professional toned everything back to brown and cut it off at her shoulders, advising her not to touch it until the damage had all grown out (which likely took months.)

If you are wise enough to hire a professional, be wise enough to ask their advice and use their experience to your advantage.

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