Tell Me Something Good!

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Tell Me Something Good!

If you’re like me, you try your very best to stay positive. I haven’t watched network television in years. I learned that if I don’t fill my mind with all that the media puts out, I don’t dwell on the negative and I am a much happier person and more at peace. With the current situation in our world, it is not as easy to keep the negative out. I always said that even though I don’t watch the news, if there was something important happening in the world, I would know it – well, that has been proven. I can’t get on social media for 10 seconds without seeing something about death tolls, job loss, and unknown futures.

On the other hand, what I have seen from people being home, is a lot of pictures of pets (these are my favorite), children, family time, and really delicious looking homemade meals. I have seen multiple people asking for their friends to post something good that happened today or this week. How wonderful! Filling our news feeds with good things and positivity is a great way to keep our spirits up and keep our bodies healthy. Houses have been organized and cleaned, friends have connected on a different level, families have played games together, and neighbors are helping one another.

So, how about in my world of real estate? There are certainly Sellers that don’t want to sell right now and take their house off the market. There are also Buyers that don’t know if they’ll have a job and get out of the game for now. Contracts have fallen through. I have also seen some wonderful things. Lenders are still getting new applications for loans. I am seeing many Coming Soon listings. Homes are being shown (carefully, of course). Offers are being written, contracts are closing, and new homeowners are being made.

We could all sit on our couch, eating everything we stocked up on, reading all the bad news. How much better for all of us to get up, get moving, get outside when we can, and focus on the good. There will always be negative, but there will also always be light and positivity if we look for it. I am a firm believer that you get what you focus on. So, focus on the positive. I challenge you to even start a journal, or at least tell one person, daily, what you are grateful for.

Tell me something good!

About Michelle Froedge
Michelle Froedge is a residential Realtor and Principal Broker in the Greater Nashville and Williamson County areas of Tennessee. “Mom” to four-legged fur baby, Tyler, Auntie to Zelamie, she is a vegetarian and sings in her spare time. Michelle has lived in Nashville and Franklin since 1997 and has been selling homes since 2004.


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