What’s Up With This Traffic???

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What’s Up With This Traffic???



I hate traffic. As a Realtor, I have spent my fair share of time in my vehicle. I live in Franklin TN and my office is in Nashville TN. It used to take me 35 minutes to drive to the office. It now takes close to an hour – or more. If it’s during school drop off or pick up, add 10 minutes. If there is construction, add 15 minutes. If there is an accident – go sit and have a cup of coffee while it clears. The entire Nashville area has traffic, and I admit to needing to attend a 12-step program for slight road rage. I took the “fish” off my car for a reason. I digress. I have learned that there are a lot of things I can do while in traffic that are much more productive than seeing how high my blood pressure can get or making up new words.

  1. Listen to podcasts or audio books. I have “read” several business books this way. I always have a few books in the que and I try to have one on audio and a different hard copy at home. I am always reading something for business and something for fun. I find that business books on audio are nice, too, since most of the time I am driving for work so I am in that mindset anyway. I am constantly learning and improving and it’s great to get where I need to go, while getting where I want to be!
  2. Learn a new language. Similar to learning something new in business by listening to an audio book, you can learn a new language by listening. Now, you can’t be self-conscious if you do this because you will look like you are talking to yourself in your car. Tinted windows and sunglasses are a must if you are easily embarrassed. You will listen to a word or set of words and then be asked to repeat what you just heard. If you have a foreign trip on your vision board, start learning the language! As a side note, it’s a great conversation starter if it is playing in your car when others get in.
  3. Meditate. Now you won’t be able to go full out and close your eyes while sitting cross legged unless you are a passenger, however, this can be very helpful. First off, it helps calm your nerves from the TRAFFIC!!!!! Was that out loud? And secondly, it helps put you in the right mindset for whatever your day has in store. I have learned that everything, I repeat, EVERYTHING is about mindset. You control your mind so make sure you are controlling it for your good. There are many ways to meditate. You can pray or you can simply speak positive thoughts into your mind. Whichever you choose, you will be in a much more relaxed and centered state when you get where you are going.
  4. Catch up – either professionally or personally. If you are in a profession where you need to make phone calls, use this time to scratch those off your list. If you are done with work, or just “over it”, call a friend or family member and find out what’s new.
  5. Write. Yes, I said “write.” There are many dictation tools on the market that can be used to translate voice to text. So, write a blog, a book, or a song. If you take in the sights and sounds around you on your drive, you may find you are very creative and that it’s the perfect time to let your artistic brain go to work.

I will caution you that if you are the driver, you still have an obligation to drive 🙂 Please be safe. I don’t want to get any phone calls siting me as an accomplice!

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Michelle Froedge is a residential Realtor and Principal Broker in the Greater Nashville and Williamson County areas of Tennessee. “Mom” to four-legged fur baby, Tyler, Auntie to Zelamie, she is a vegetarian and sings in her spare time. Michelle has lived in Nashville and Franklin since 1997 and has been selling homes since 2004.


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