When Life Hands you Lemons

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When Life Hands you Lemons

Lemons by Suat Eman


We’ve all had those times when we feel like life has handed us lemons. Sometimes it feels like good ole Murphy’s Law. The alarm doesn’t go off, the dog gets sick on the rug, there is an accident on the way to the office, we get a flat tire, our boss needs us to stay late to finish a last minute project on the night we have tickets to a hockey game. UGH! I have recently gone through some “lemon days”. At the time, I was thinking, “why is this happening?” When those days come, I try really hard to stay positive and laugh through it (I said “try”). I have learned that being upset and negative, only produces more negativity and can lead to anger or frustration. I live by the Law of Attraction that I have learned through reading books by Napoleon Hill. By staying positive, I can get through those tough times a lot easier, and mentally, a lot faster.


There are many nay-sayers when it comes to making things happen through being positive and the Law of Attraction. So, I guess they just have a lot of lemons in their life. In my experience, people want to be around positive people. It’s attractive. It is scientifically, magnetically attractive. Being positive doesn’t mean you are going to be rich and be able to do anything you want. It does mean that more people want to help you get what you want if you are positive and pleasant to be around. Who wants to be around someone who is always negative and doesn’t smile? There is so much to be thankful for. Even on our worst days, there is someone who is dealing with much bigger issues than we may ever know. If we are honest with ourselves, we can look back and see something good that came of what we have gone through and as Kelly Clarkson sings, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!


This is a detour from the topics I typically write about but I felt like penning something I find helpful and inspirational. Days can get hectic, it can seem as if we are in the tunnel and the light is nowhere in sight. If we allow ourselves to get lemons and let them spoil, we can miss out on some great things. When life hands you lemons, I know everyone says you should make lemonade, but I prefer these:

Better Than Starbucks Lemon Loaf, The Best Lemon Bars, and if life has handed you a whole basket full of lemons, try Limoncello!


Photo courtesy of Suat Eman via freedigitalphotos.net


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